Shipping tanks to us

Shipping us tanks for hydro testing is easy.  Make sure your tanks are empty before packaging.  The ideal size box for most tanks is 12x5x5.  If you have a thread saver it’s a great idea to use it in transit. Please ship the empty tank and include your name, address, phone number, and email address.  We’ll use your email address to send an invoice via secure server for payment when we are done.  If we don’t get a response from the invoice due to a typo in the email address, we’ll text you on the phone number you provide.  

We also sell a Hydro Testing pack.  The pack includes a box to put the tank in, thread cap, packing materials, a prepaid return label to us, and shipping of the tested tank back to you for $54.99.  No hunting for the right size box or paying a shipping service extra money to pack and ship it for you.  If your comfortable with shipping, just make sure the tank is completely empty and send it to us with your name, address, phone number, and email address.  We’ll email you a total that you can pay online through our secure checkout.

Buy/View hydro testing pre-paid kits here.

We will remove your regulator and reinstall the regulator to ASTM or your specific manufacturers recommended specifications at no additional charge. Please don’t try to remove or install a regulator at home, it takes specialized tools and knowledge.