Why is grip tape illegal?

A lot of tanks come in with grip tape on the bottom. Federal law requires us to remove it, it’s a pain. Please don’t put it on your tank. Buy a silicone tank grip, they are cheap and easy to take on and off. By law tanks can’t be filled or hydrostatically tested with tape or stickers on them. This is because the DOT realizes that there is a person out there dumb enough to cover up tank damage with tape, or a sticker in order to hide damage and keep using their tank. It would be crazy dangerous. At each fill, the fill station operator is required to perform a visual inspection of the exterior of the bottle looking for physical damage. Tape and stickers prevent a full inspection and need to be removed. In addition to that for a hydro test if a piece of tape or sticker came loose after being soaked under water while in the machine it could damage our testing machine. We remove all tape, stickers, tank covers, etc before putting the tank in the hydro tester.

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Nick Morrione, Hydrotester

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